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Exterminator Chronicles: Smokeybrown Is Back In Town | Cockroach Control | MetroPlex Pest Services

Smokeybrown Cockroaches are common in North Dallas, Texas and we get pesky situations with them under control here at MetroPlex Pest Services.

Exterminator Chronicles: Smokeybrown Is Back In Town

Well, it is a great February weekend and this journal entry is on a pesky matter. You see, Smokeybrown is back in town and that is not a good thing.

Some town residents have complained of his presence along with some relatives, the American Cockroach. It is as if they just took the town over and we need them under control.

You can find these vermin (insects), crawling in areas reminiscent of the inside of a rotting tree trunk. So, I would gather in dark and damp places in a home they can be hiding with eating. Now, the town trash that is rotting with organic material decaying in it is ideal to find these bugs feasting. Gross, I know!

In closing on this matter of Smokeybrown with his relatives moving in, Call MetroPlex Pest Services to get them under control.

MetroPlex Rangers: a division of technicians who come into your town, assess the matter, propose a solution to control the unwanted guest, and the rest is left to the best

MetroPlex Pest Services, your satisfaction is our priority!

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