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$59.99 MetroPlex Pest Services Mosquito Treatment | Services

$59.99 MetroPlex Pest Services - Mosquito Treatment
$59.99 MetroPlex Pest Services - Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito season is here with spring ring near!

These pesky little buggers smears spit on skin where female mosquito moves probosis in your tissue to suction blood cells into feeding tube. This video shared tells one how a female mosquito can suck in twice to thrice (3 times) their her body weight. Click title "Mechanism of a Mosquito Bite" below to learn more about them.

We do offer 10% of our current $59.99 Mosquito Treatment service.

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MetroPlex Pest Services - A little bit about Us:

Our customers and technicians maintain quality partnerships because we care about the value of your safety and the value of our service professionals.

COVID-19: We are following all CDC guidelines taking extreme measures to stay compliant and protect our customers and staff.

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