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MetroPlex Pest Services | $24.99 Monthly Inside and Outside Pest Service | Dallas - Ft.Worth, Texas

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Welcome to MetroPlex Pest Services!

We service the MetroPlex ( DFW, Texas ) with a great deal for monthly Pest Service.

We have here our $24.99 monthly Inside and Outside Pest Service.

 MetroPlex Pest Services - $24.99 Monthly Inside and Outside Pest Service
$24.99 Monthly Inside and Outside Pest Service - MetroPlex Pest Services

A bit of education about roaches that will help some who know their species figure which one most likely will not be included in this special. There are two types of roaches to share for now, American and German.

German roaches are the most difficult to get under control if an infestation needs to be eradicated!

You may have guessed it, the German cockroach if ever you had Pest Control issues of this kind took more effort to tame.

This great deal of a package does include American roaches, most known in Southeast Atlantic coastal spots as Palmetto bugs. Common pest problems covered under monthly cost.

Call 469-512-0104 today!

MetroPlex Pest Services - A little bit about Us:

Our customers and technicians maintain quality partnerships because we care about the value of your safety and the value of our service professionals.

COVID-19: We are following all CDC guidelines taking extreme measures to stay compliant and protect our customers and staff.

"Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority!" -


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